2/3/4/5th October 2008

6- 8 Morgan Arcade.

A site specific response to the building of a shopping centre. The Portable cinema screened documentary, experimental and artist films which sought to map the complex narratives current to the 21c city. (Scroll down for images)

In addition to the film programme artists Peter Cusack (sounds of London) and William Raban (London Film Cooperative) presented their work. Peter Cusack spoke about his project “Sounds from dangerous places” playing recordings he had made in the exclusion zone around Chernobyl.

William Raban presented his trilogy “Under The Tower”, a series of films made around Canary wharf exploring the changes in London’s East End as it was transformed into London’s major financial centre.

Films by: Peter Wyeth/ Semiconductor/ Nathaniel Kahn / Jem Cohen/ Bureau of Inverse Technology/ Charlotte Ginsborg/ Vision Machine/ John Smith/ Margret Tait/ Jean Rouch & Edgar Morin/ Stan Brakhage/ Guy Sherwin Rosalind Nashashibi/ Cordelia Swann/ Mayling To/ Jaques Tati/ Dziga Vertov.

If you attended the films and would like to write down your responses to the films please send via the contact button and I will put them online.