Research Team

The Museum of the Moment Research team has now completed various projects, highlights of which are included in the book, ‘Depending On Time’, and also in the archive which will be permanently located in the local history section at Cardiff Central Library.

Come along to the Launch on the 8th October at 6pm. (date and time to be confirmed soon)

Research Team: Sign up for meeting

I am looking for people who would like to help me document Cardiff’s Victorian Arcades. This could be done in a number of ways, for example a series of photo’s, a film made on your mobile, a series of lists made in the arcade one afternoon, a collection of  arcade memorabilia (e.g paper bags/ till recipts/ notes/ etc), some writing or oral history recordings, historical research…. All contributions gratefully received!

Sign up (via the contact button) to meet me and Garry on one of the dates/ places below specifying a preferred time if you have one.

Wednesday 22 October between,  6 - 9.30 pm Dempseys Pub, Cardiff Centre
Thursday 23rd October
between, 10 – 5 pm The Plan, Morgan Arcade.
Monday 27th October
between, 6-9.30 Shot in the Dark Café City Rd.

The individual meetings will be 30 minutes long. During this time we can talk about your interests and ideas in relation to the arcades (perhaps you already have a project in mind which we can help you with?) and the different ways in which you could contribute something to the Museum of the Moment Archive.

All projects submitted to the archive will be credited to you and you will retain the rites to your work to show/ publish in other forms etc.

For more information and ideas as to how you might take part read the post below.

P.s It may take me a little while to get back to you please be patient!

Reasearch Team/ Take Part

What is the Museum of the Moment? The Museum of the Moment is an interactive multi media archive which will document Cardiff’s arcades, the Central Market and Hayes area.  The archive will be launched in September 2009 and be on permanent display in Cardiff. This project is part of the Arcades project : A 3D Documentary.

Who are the museum of the moment Research Team?
Anybody who has an interest in taking part in a project which will document this area of the city. You may already have an interest in film, photography, writing, or in the city; or would like to try something new. Everyone has something to offer and is welcome to take part, you don’t need to have specific skills as we can help you with the development of your ideas.

You can submit work to the archive in Welsh or English.

How will the project work? You are invited to respond to one of the headings in the list below, you can use these headings as a starting point for your project. To register your interest email via the contact button.

Time scale? Research team activities will start in mid October and run through till the end of March when you will be invited to submit your ‘stuff’ to the archive. This ‘stuff’ could be anything from a film through to a few notes or lists written in the arcade. Any contribution you can make to archive is gratefully received! Throughout this period there will be the opportunity to take part in workshops, receive one to one technical and ‘ideas’ support to help to realise your ideas.

Everyone is invited to take part at their own pace, you will not be expected to make any specific time commitments.

Getting Started:
1.    Choose a subject from the list below and start thinking about how you might respond to this.
2.    Book a one to one session with me and Garry (the technical manager) to discuss your ideas. Bring along any preliminary notes, pictures, sketches.
(We will begin these meetings in Mid October after the Portable Cinema Project Film festival)

We will be available on Friday’s and 1 week night per week. Please email to arrange a time. During this meeting we will put together an action plan and also discuss the ways in which we can help you with your ideas.

In the meantime come along to the Portable Cinema Project and get some ideas. We will be showing documentary and artist films and video exploring ideas of the city. click on film club.

Subject Headings:
These subjects could be responded to photographically/ using film/ mobile phone films/ writing fiction/ observational or site specific writing/ using sound/ drawing… etc. (basically anything which can be made into a digital format - eg drawings can be scanned etc.)

1.    People who work in the arcades
2.    Shoppers
3.    Arcade Characters.
4.    Portrait of people and their shops
5.    Arcade observations

Space/ Place:
1.    Design/ Motifs
2.    Architectural details
3.    Space/ volume
4.    Movement through the space
5.    Entrances and exits
6.    Materials

Shops/ Stalls:
1.    People/ shop keepers/ shoppers
2.    Goods on display
3.    Window displays
4.    Fashion
5.    Exchange

Time/ change/ transformation

1.    Anyone can take part. Your commitment could be 1 afternoon taking photo’s or writing notes in the arcade through to the production of a feature film. All contributions will be very gratefully received.
2.    All work submitted will be included in the archive and credited to its author you will also retain the copy rite of your work and are free to use it in any other context.
3.    However I reserve the right to contextualise your contribution in whatever way I feel best suits the project.
4.    We can not supply equipment or help with money to cover materials, however we can supply technical support and computer based back up.

Workshop pics

The first Museum of the Moment workshop took place at the Old Library in Cardiff in July. Fantastic sessions were led by Angela Morgan Cutler, Richard Page, Rib Davis, Pratap Rughani and Vic and Nic, here are a couple of pics from that event.

Pratap Rughani’s session on “Photographing People”

Vic and Nic’s “How to make a film on your mobile Phone”

Rib Davis talks people through recording Oral History

Richard Page’s session “Photographing Place”

Research team : Part 2

Following the success of the Museum of The Moment Workshop I will be organising a series of shorter sessions which will invite people to develop skills in photography/ mobile phone video/site specific writing/ reporting on place / drawing. All participants will then be invited to contribute to the Museum of the Moment archive.

These sessions will start after the Portable Cinema project in early October.

If you would like to be put on the mailing list in order to receive information about taking part in these events please drop me a line via this site.

Museum Of The Moment Workshop

10am-5.15, Sunday 29th June
1st floor of the Old Library, Central Cardiff.

The Museum Of The Moment workshop is a 1 day event which will give you the opportunity to work with top practitioners, and to explore the city through a range of media. The workshop is designed to help you to develop existing skills or to try out something new. You don’t need any prior experience to take part.

The event is free but you will need to book a place. Please email me via the contact page on this site stating which 2 workshops you would like to take from the schedule below.

For more details about the content of each workshop scroll down to the bottom of this page.

The Aim of the project: This project is part of a larger project that I am making about Cardiff’s Arcades. Part of that is “The Museum of the Moment’ an archive about the area which will be launched in 2009 and shown on touch screen TV’s across the Hayes. To make this project I am building a research team of volunteers who would like to help out with the construction of the archive and have their work exhibited as part of the project. In order to make this representative of lots of different viewpoints I need lots of people with a variety of skills and interests to get involved.

The Museum Of The Moment workshop is the first stage of that project and aims to give people a taste of lots of different ways in which to work. Primarily my interest is the ways in which we see, explore and represent the city so the workshops that are taking place on the 29th focus on doing that. (have a look at to see my previous project)

Do I have to Join the research team to take part? NO!! this day is just to explore ideas and techniques, you might just want to take better pictures on holiday… but of course if you would like to join that would be great!

About the Workshops & facilitators:

Introduction to recording Oral History/ Rib Davis

The workshop will briefly deal with:
Why we do oral history
How to prepare for an effective interview
Use of equipment
The major legal and ethical issues
Possible outcomes

Rib Davis is a freelance oral historian, playwright and community artist, and has been for over 25 years. As an oral historian he has worked on dozens of projects all over the country, culminating in documentary plays for stage and radio, exhibitions, books and a variety of community events. He regularly runs training courses on behalf of the British Library and the Oral History Society. At present he is overseeing the oral history programme for The Lightbox in Woking, and in the same town am working on a recently commissioned oral history-based large-scale community play.

Participants need only bring pen and paper

Making & Editing Films on Your mobile phone/ Nic Finch & Victoria Tillotson

We will help people to make and edit short films on your mobile phones.The workshop will include ideas about planning your film; putting shots together; editing and saving video on your mobile phone; and transferring your finished work to a computer using bluetooth.

Nic Finch is a graphic designer specialising print, video and interactive media whose clients include artists, record labels, clubs and charity organisations. A regular performer at national art and music events, Finch creates unique live visuals both alone and with
the audio-visual collective S>A>A>B.
Victoria Tillotson is a digital media specialist, primarily working with film, photography and interactive media. Working as both an artist and gallery educator, Tillotson specialises in developing exciting participatory projects, online/offline events, and innovative learning programmes.

Workshop requirements:
Everyone taking part will have to bring their own mobile phone that is capable of filming video. If you are interested in attending, when you book onto the workshop can you include details about the make and model of the you will be bringing to the workshop.

Photographing People/ Pratap Rughani

In the workshop we’ll shoot portraits in context and discuss with examples some of the practical and ethical issues raised in documentary photography, e.g choosing subject and location. We’ll be exploring ways of framing and photographing the city and our own relationship to visualising people and places.

Pratap Rughani is an award-winning documentary film-maker and photographer. His photographic work includes contributions to several publications for BBC books and photographic essays published by the Karuna Trust. He has a particular interest in the relationship of people to places.

Students should bring their own digital camera. A simple ‘point & shoot’ is fine but if you have one, feel free to bring a digital SLR. Don’t forget to bring your connector lead so we can download some images to see on a computer screen for discussion. If you have a laptop & it’s easy for you to bring it then that’s even better but the camera & lead are the only essentials.

Introduction to writing fiction about place/ Angela Morgan Cutler:
For part of the workshop we’ll use the city’s arcades, writing directly inside the space of the arcade to look at how our sense of place, time, mood, desire, is altered when we enter the glass and iron work of these labyrinths. The arcades filled with windows: tableaus; reflections and refractions of shade, colour, kaleidoscopic light; small hidden balconies and stair cases; the seduction of cafes; shop fronts filled with wares; shop signs and displays of flower baskets that flood our senses and sense of wonder. After writing inside the arcades, we will return to The Old Library to share our writing responses and thoughts with one another, building on these initial fragments of words to look at what individual and shared memories, observations, sensual and imaginative journeys the arcades inspired; what in turn does this tell us about our sense of place.

Angela Morgan Cutler lives in Cardiff. She worked for ten years as a psychiatric nurse in St Albans, London and Cardiff, before training as a fine-artist she went on to complete an MA in The Teaching and Practice of Creative Writing in 1999; was awarded a Ph.D in Creative & Critical Writing from Cardiff University in February 2005. Angela has been running creative writing groups for women at Chapter since 2000. Her first novel: ‘Auschwitz’ was published in February this year by Two Ravens Press.

For more information:
You will need: adequate writing materials appropriate to working in the room and for outdoors.

Photographing Place: Richard Page

This workshop will ask participants to consider how they might photograph a place. Using Cardiff City Centre (specific ally the Arcades and St Davids 2 development), we will explore ways of photographing spaces, considering both new and more familiar places. The workshop will give a brief instruction on using cameras, but emphasis will be placed on aesthetic and communicative methods of photographing.

. Richard Page is a Cardiff based photographic artist, his photographic work considers how space is implicitly bound up with history, memory, and our psychological relationship with it. Richard was the recipient of the Jerwood Photography Award in 2004 and his work has been exhibited throughout Britain and abroad, including shows in London, Liverpool and Germany. His recent series, What We Already Know, was exhibited at Ffotogallery in Cardiff, with accompanying publication. Richard is currently a Senior Lecturer in Photography at Swansea Metropolitan University.

Students should bring their own digital camera. A simple ‘point & shoot’ is fine but if you have one, feel free to bring a digital SLR. Don’t forget to bring your connector lead so we can download some images to see on a computer screen for discussion. If you have a laptop & it’s easy for you to bring it then that’s even better but the camera & lead are the only essentials.

Exploring Architecture Through Drawing : A wide game organised by Richard Powell & Jennie Savage

Public spaces and architecture, city design and town planning; we all use these spaces but how often do you look up at what is above street level? How often do any of us notice the way that a place makes us feel or the way that different architectural spaces make us behave. Jennie & Richard will set you a series of tasks to do that invite you to your world in a new light. You will be asked to look at the city and use drawing as a way to focus what you are looking at. You don’t need to be good at drawing to see things!

Having lived in Cardiff over 20 years Richard Powell knows city well and is intrigued by its developments concerning private / public spaces. Through his work he explores the meaning of architectural spaces and their usage.
Richard is a visiting lecturer at The School Of Architecture, Cardiff & a practicing artist.
Working through a process that uses archiving and intervention Jennie seeks to map the other life of a place. Using methods associated with documentary practice, traditions of story telling, historical research, psycho geography and imagined other lives her work adopts a multifaceted approach to the discovery and representation of a place.

Please bring a pencil and pen with you.

Museum Of The Moment : Research Team

During 2008 and into 2009 I will be constructing an archive about the Hayes area of Cardiff, the cities arcades and Central Market. This archive will be shown on a series of touch screen TV’s across the area (launch 2009). In order to build the archive I am putting together a research team of volunteers who would enjoy getting involved in documenting / recording the area. This could be done using a variety of media from photography to film or fiction writing or recording oral history.

Who? The Museum of the Moment research team is open to anyone of any age and all abilities. We will do our best to support you in your chosen area of activity.

Time Commitment: Researchers can be involved on a regular basis or just drop by occasionally, whatever suits your schedule.

What will you get out of it? Aside from the chance to meet new people and doing something different you will supported in whatever area of interest you choose to follow both in terms of discussing ideas and also learning technical skills. Also your work will be included in the archive, credited to you, so you will be putting your mark on a bit of history.

How to get involved? Just email me via the contact button on this page.