Over 2008 and into 2009 Jennie Savage will lead an exploration into the arcades and Hayes area of Cardiff. These investigations will manifest as a series of projects in the city centre including film, audio walks, seminars and talks, audio/visual intervention and a quarterly publication.

Depending On Time

The book is available to buy at £9.99 from various bookshops in Cardiff and www.artwordsbooks.co.uk London or order a copy direct from publishers by emailing nina.ellis@safle.com

Depending On Time is situated in a changing landscape during the period of time it takes to construct a new shopping centre. The book takes this period of change as its subject and draws out the narratives, the expectations, the aspirations and the criticism that local people have in the run up to its completion. Through transcribed conversations with small businesses, shoppers, local historians, architects, town planners and developers the book maps the anatomy of the development and traces a the trajectory of consumer culture from the city’s Victorian and Edwardian arcades through to the monolithic mall. Crucially asking the question:

Who are cities for?

The book is based on transcriptions from ‘The Museum Of The Moment’, an audio documentary and guided walk. It describes the state of the city of Cardiff at the moment of making the project, both within the context and the concept of its history. Its subject is specific to its locale, but also the generic idea of the global city on a trajectory of consumer culture. The transcripts from the audio walk are documented within the book alongside a response: using images, notes and excerpts from Dr. AndrewCochrane’s research. Part psycho geographic inquiry, part document, part drift the book does not offer an analysis of city centre regeneration more a topography of perspectives allowing the reader to eavesdrop in on the conversations had around a building site.

Depending on time is an artist book designed and made by Jennie Savage, featuring original artwork it includes a CD of the Museum Of The Moment’ audio documentary and a 20 minute film, “A Million Moments’.

Forward by Peter Finch, essays by Dr. Andrew Cochrane and Dr. Bas Spierings.

Jennie Savage is an artist whose practice explores the place between public spaces, town planning, constructed landscapes and the human story: the lived lives and personal narratives connected to those sites. Working through a process that uses archiving and intervention, she seeks to map the other life of a place or community in order to reveal a complex situation, a microstructure or simply an unheard voice.



“Depending On Time” is an artist book which draws the project to a conclusion.

It includes notes and transcriptions from the audio archive, historical research by Dr. Andrew Cochrane which, for the first time, documents the architectural and social history of the arcades, plus a CD ROM which contains “The Museum Of The Moment’ audio walk and ‘A Million Moments’ a 20 minute film made in Wyndham Arcade.

The book will be launched in Cardiff Central Library on the 8th October from 6pm. (date and time to be confirmed)

It is priced £9.99. To reserve a copy/ place an order email emma.price@safle.com

Mp3 players and a copy of the project archive will be permanently available at Cardiff Central Library. Go to the local history section on the top floor to find out how to access it.

running till 3rd May….

Museum of the Moment

The Museum of the Moment is a walking documentary which invites you to walk through Cardiff and tune into the secret life of the city. Navigate your way through the city’s Victorian and Edwardian arcades and the Hayes area under an audio cloud, listening to the reflections, histories, gossip and daydreams of this place.

There is still time to take the audio walk… open till May 3rd. Pick up your headphones from The Old Library, The Hayes, Cardiff City Center… scroll down from more details. The project is open 11- 530 daily Tuesday - Sunday (closed Mondays). It is FREE to take the walk but you will need to leave a deposit for either £20 or drop off a form of ID, to be returned when you drop the MP3 players back.

If you would like to hear the audio but can’t take the walk it will be published on CD later this year along with a book. To be put on mailing list / receive a copy drop me an email via this site.

The project will also be shown at a ‘Walking Workshop’ organised by the School of Social Sciences (11 June) and at the Conference for European Philosophy which is being held in Cardiff this summer. (August)


Photo Credit: Sam Perry ( samperryphoto@yahoo.co.uk )

Route/ Map

Arcade walk
Map design by Garry Bartlett


The Museum of the Moment invites you to experience history through the prism of the present.

Seeing the city through small moments: everyday life, thoughts, ideas, reflections, gossip. These are, after all, the things which construct day-to-day life and make places meaningful.

The Museum of the Moment will not tell you a ’story’ of a place, instead it invites you to connect with a series of histories, moments in time ranging from the construction of the medieval burgage plots, along which the arcades are built, to the story of individual shops or reflections on the recent past.

As you walk you will hear fragments of conversations or interlinked monologues which invite you to first of all re-look at the city and secondly to re-look at your perception of history; the story of a place in relation to time.

This piece has been made during a period, or moment, of great change in Cardiff, through the building of SD2 and also a time of great change globally. The audio walk is also a document of this period.

What is history after all but mediated memories of our moment by moment experience?

Launch Party

The Museum of the Moment will be open to the public from Friday 3rd April - 3 May.

There will be a launch party on Thursday the 2nd April in Morgan Arcade for people who have contributed to the project and anyone else who fancies coming along. Join us for a drink in > the old “Woodies” shop > at about 5.30pm.

The Museum of the Moment is a walking documentary which invites you to walk through Cardiff and tune into the secret life of the city. Navigate your way through the city’s Victorian and Edwardian arcades and the Hayes area under an audio cloud, listening to the reflections, histories, gossip and daydreams of this place.

As you walk, listen and regard your surroundings, voices will emerge, inviting you to become a stranger in the city and to chance upon an ordinary yet fantastic world….. perhaps the city is not just made up of buildings, maybe it’s a collection of stories, connections, meetings, exchanges; people’s lives interwoven in time.

The Museum of the Moment is a museum of a moment, a place in time on the brink of change.

How? To experience the Museum of the Moment, you will be provided with a pair of headphones.

Where? Pick up and drop off your headphones at the Tourist Information Centre on the ground floor of Cardiff’s Old Library on the Hayes (see the map below). Look for the Museum of the Moment booth.

Duration: How you do the walk is up to you. Imagine that the whole walk is a documentary series in 10 parts. You can choose to spend 4 hours in the city and do the whole walk in one go, graze through the material, spending 10 minutes in each arcade or just listen to one or two tracks, choosing to explore, for example, Morgan Arcade and the Central Market…it is up to you. When you collect your MP3 Player you will be given a map (copy below) which shows you which track relates to each location. There are also lots of good Cafe’s in the arcades with outside seating so if you get tired of walking take a seat and watch the world go by.

How much? It’s free to take the walk, but you’ll need to leave a driving licence/ passport or a £20 deposit per set of headphones borrowed. These will be returned to you when you bring your headphones back.

More info: If you would like to bring a large group or have further questions, email projectintern@safle.com or call Zoë King/ Paula Morison on 029 2044 8080.

1 of 4

Auto - Portrait: Description Of A Building Site.

‘1of 4′ is the first in a series of limited Edition prints that I am making during the research and development of the project. This series aims to make my process visible and also address some of the diversions that the material takes me on.

This piece is a collection of words extracted from a series of interviews that I conducted with the developers, architects, engineers, and people working on site who Landsecurites have employed to develop and build Saint Davids 2, an enormous shopping centre covering one third of the city centre. Through these interviews I sought to get a sense the practicalities and realities of such an endeavour and also invite the interviewee to reflect on the nature of the building site and what such a development means to the city both socially and culturally.

This print is an edition of 1000. If you would like order a free copy please send an A5 SAE to:

Jennie Savage print/ Co Zoe King, Safle, Unit 4, Soverign Quay, Havannah Street, Cardiff, CF10 5SF.

A Welsh Translation is also available at a slightly smaller scale.